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Odds and Ends

So the strep was over, but the penicillin definitely upset my stomach for a few days. This had the odd effect of making me constantly feel anxious/stressed, because my stomach was upset so I must be stressed, right? If I stopped and thought about it, I could remember that my stomach was upset for other reasons, and de-stress, but I was definitely snapping and irritable about work getting dumped on my head out of proportion to the actual amount of work dumped on my head. (Of which there was some, since one of my bosses was out of town and I'd missed the last two days last week, but not a ton.)

Tuesday: Auria! We captured the Pirates of the Penzance, although the captain and the pirates' wench were tough. Four or five more pirate ships to go, and we need a better plan, and don't actually have time to do it yet, as we have to get harrock married off soon.
Wednesday: Comet! Kathon's spies nearly beat them, but they brute forced their way to the end eventually. Got caught in the act, though.
Thursday: 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, at the Lyric. Just me, since I couldn't make a Wednesday this month. (Well, it turns out I could have, but I didn't know that when we were scheduling it.) It's a fun show, although I feel like they made the characters into more caricatures than they were the other time I saw it. Not that they aren't all broad stereotypes, but they felt a little more like real people in the other one, I think, where in this one they're pretty one note. Not clear if that's the direction or the acting, and it was certainly still funny. Lives 8 days of game before not being good enough.
Friday: To DC! Just flew down and went to the house in Bethesda and crashed. The new kitchen is clearly objectively superior to the old one, but it is not *my* kitchen anymore, and that's kind of sad.
Saturday: Bummed around the house for a while, then went to the Small Press Expo in Rockville. Comic book convention with none of the big companies at it, that comicbookguy used to organize, and now just works at. Hung out with him, went to a panel, wandered the dealer's room. Bought a Cul de Sac collection that the author signed for me, and a collection of Native American folk tales, also signed. Then downtown to ironrat's place for a while, to watch some episode of Top Chef with him and his roommate, and then to dinner with the three of us, the English Professor, and the Doctor, at some upmarket Latin/Asian Fusion Tapas place on 14th. It was quite yummy, but very much a "scene" sort of a place, and we weren't really a "scene" kind of a group. Then back out to Bethesda, and mom showed up, as well as sis and bro-in-law.
Sunday: Brunch with CBF and ironrat in Bethesda, then watched Roman Holiday with ironrat and mom at the house, then dinner with family at the airport. Sadly missed CPB, as he was busy. Roman Holiday was quite good, and I'd never seen it before. Audrey Hepburn really is perfect as a princess, and the story was solid. Ironrat was quite distressed by the ending, though. Lives 9.5 days of game before being shot trying to escape.
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